Whats OnExhibitionMoon rock collected by Apollo 17 now in Cyprus, US Embassy says

Moon rock collected by Apollo 17 now in Cyprus, US Embassy says

A lunar sample collected during the Apollo 17 mission in December 1972 is now in Cyprus, the US Embassy in Nicosia announced on Wednesday.

The moon rock will be on public display between December 8-10 and December 14-15 at the Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation – CSEO “Apollo to Artemis” exhibition at CSEO Discovery Alpha in Nicosia, the Embassy said on its Facebook account.

The exhibition takes place as part of the celebrations for the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 17 mission and the first Artemis Mission – Artemis 1 – that is currently flying in orbit around the Moon, a press release by CSEO said.

Therefore, the Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation (CSEO) supported by the US Embassy, is organising a week-long series of activities.

It added that on 11 December 11, 1972, the final mission of NASA’s Apollo program, landed on the Moon with the last humans to set foot on the Moon. The “Apollo to Artemis” exhibition tells the story of Apollo 17 through the lenses of the astronauts themselves. Each astronaut’s spacesuit had a personal camera which enabled Apollo 17 to be the most photographed moon mission yet.

The exhibition will offer a look at the current Artemis programme and the future of lunar and deep space exploration.

The exhibition opens on Thursday 8th December and will run until Sunday the 18th of December.

A series of events and activities looking at humanity’s relationship with the Moon and how our societies and cultures have been impacted by it will run in parallel, CSEO said.

The exhibition is hosted at CSEO Discovery Alpha, on Plateia Dimarchias, Nicosia.

As part of the activities, there will be a cultural night named “Selenolethos”, documentary showings and a bi-communal activity titled “Under one Sky: Message to the Moon” where the public can create messages of hope, cooperation and peace, which will be submitted to NASA to be sent to the Moon.

The full programme is available at: www.space.cy/apollo2artemis.

The week’s activities are supported by the US Embassy and the Municipality of Nicosia. Admission to all activities is free.

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