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Loukaniko Pitsilias – Pitsilia Sausage

Pitsilia sausage is produced in the Pitsilia region from pork minced meat that is “cooked” ( matured) in the dry red wine of the region. Various herbs are added, and the meat is smoked using wood from indigenous trees or bushes.

History: Sausages, together with other meat products, used to be one of the most important foods for rural families. The absence of refrigerators led to the need of finding preservation methods, that would allow for the availability of meat throughout the year. Pitsilia region is an area of high altitude and its cold climate was favourable for meat preservation.

Production method: The minced meat (with some fat) is marinated in wine, salt and various herbs. It is left for 3-8 days in the wine and once removed, passed into pork intestines that have been previously cleaned. Ties are made so that there is a ser ies of 8-12 sau sages between two consecutive ties. The sausages are then smoked for 2-5 days.

Gastronomy: Prepared i n various ways (e.g. fried or on charcoal), and often served with toma to, cucumber and bread.

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Source: Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment

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