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13 traditional Cypriot dishes you need to try


“Toumatsia” is a type of handmade spaghetti which one encounters in the area, the making of which has been passed down from generation to generation.

Resi: The traditional food for cyprus weddings

Resi is a traditional food and it can be compared with pilaf. It is made of cooked wheat and meat broth. Resi is connected with the traditional cyprus weddings, as it was offered to the guests during the festive table following the ceremony.

Potatoes “Antinaxtes”

Small whole potatoes, fried in red wine with coriander. They are usually served with meat.


Small pumpkins / kolokasi fried, then ground with lemon juice and flavored with dry coriander. It is mostly cultivated at Kokkinochoria.


Κolokasi is the name of Cyprus pumpkins. The locals prefer it “giachni” (with tomatoes sauce and onions). It is mostly served with pork meat.


Τtavas is one of the most typical Cypriot dishes in the oven. You can taste it in several local variants. Ttavas is a mix of potatoes, meat, tomatoes, onion or other vegetables baked in the oven. Lefkaritikos ttavas is very known in all over Cyprus.


Covered pies filled with yellow-red zucchini mixed with groats and raisins. Usually, the cooking of “kolokotes” was associated with the periods of Christmas and Easter’s, since it is a fast (nistisimo) tasty dish


A special type of buns fermented with prozymi and chickpeas. Τhe chickpeas must be very well cooked. Today, you will find it at the Villages of Omodos and Koilani.


“Koupes” were usually made at traditional festivals outside of the churches. “Koupa” is an arabian word and means “ball”. Inside the round crust there is minced meat, groats, onions, parsley and spices.

“Kalon Praman” or “Shiamali”

A kind of sweet with syrup along with semolina, almonds and yoghurt.

Kaourmas” Marathasas

Local version of a common traditional dish with meat and potatoes. The meat used here is pork, or young goat.

“Μοloshies” (Mallows) 

Mallows are a very common plant in Cyprus and the locals used to love cooking it. Sometimes it was served with rice.

Agrelia (asparagus) with eggs

Traditional Cypriot meze served mainly as an appetiser.

Asparagus are found in the mountains of Cyprus during winter. The locals still love to cook them in a pan with fried eggs.

Praxia Aresti


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