NewsLocalSupreme Court's decision on asphalt plants “clearly erroneous”

Supreme Court’s decision on asphalt plants “clearly erroneous”

The Supreme Court’s decision to issue decrees prohibiting the operation of the two controversial asphalt factories in the areas of Geri and Tseri pending their relocation is “clearly erroneous”.

This is what the legal representative of Cyfield group which owns one of the toxic factories told Philenews on Friday, hours only after the Law Office won the appeal against decisions by a Nicosia district court.

“Anyone with a basic legal knowledge can, by simply reading the decision, realize how erroneous it is,” Nicos Papaefstathiou said.

“I believe the three-member Appeals Court’s decision has exposed to a big extend the institution….In order to reach this decision it has essentially deleted explicit and essential provisions of the law on public harassment,” he added.

The plants have affected surrounding communities and municipalities, while residents of nearby Dali have held many protests against their operation on the grounds of public health.

Cabinet eventually approved their relocation in July 2020.

And the year and a half delay has been justified due to the pending completion of the necessary studies to ensure the health of nearby residents in the designated new location.

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