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Problems at schools due to violence and delinquency

The teachers’ organization OELMEK referred to very serious issues of violence and delinquency at schools underlining the need for preventing measures. The Organization’s Pancypriot Conference made the following suggestions during a meeting on 16 December:

  • The Education Ministry must carry out a detailed evaluation of the current situation formed due to the pandemic and proceed with a series of measures to face the problem.
  • To update the current legislation so that supportive Services will be able to intervene and support children with serious psychological problems.
  • To implement the new legislation enacted in 2020 for prevention and ways to face violence in schools.
  • To create structures of Alternative Education to support students with radical delinquent behavior.
  • To incorporate programs reinforcing the social and communication abilities of students.
  • To increase educational psychologists and teachers-advisors.
  • To improve the mechanism to find and support children with problems.
  • To regulate the use of mobiles in schools.

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