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New contact numbers for coronavirus-related info, clarifications

The Health Ministry has called on citizens to call 1412 – from 8am to 8pm, Monday through Friday – and to visit the website [email protected] for any coronavirus-related queries or clarifications.

And contact with the 1420 call centre should only be for emergency covid-19 cases, Philenews also reported on Monday.

At the same time, in a bid to improve the process of informing Covid-positive people and their close contacts, the Ministry’s Tracking Team has modified procedures so as to make communication more direct.

Specifically, after a laboratory detects a new case and submits the result, the Tracking Team will communicate through a text message (sms) and by phone with the person tested positive within 24 hours.

The Ministry also noted that results are submitted and accepted only by laboratories which perform the PCR method and have completed the process of verification of the diagnostic methodology that detects the genetic material of the virus (RT-RCR).

Laboratories that have not followed the process of verification of their diagnostic methodology, are not recognized by the Ministry and do not submit their results to the Unit. Therefore, the Epidemiological Surveillance Unit does not receive information.



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