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Mosaics’ preservation in ancient Salamina of great historical importance

The preservation of mosaics in ancient Salamina, in Turkish-occupied Cyprus, is of great importance and historical significance, Takis Hadjidemetriou, Co-chair of the bicommunal Technical Committee on cultural heritage told the Cyprus News Agency.

The works are in progress and are set to be concluded at the end of the year. The mosaics are in the churches of Agios Epifanios and Kampanopetra, near the ruins of Salamina. The two churches are basilicas of great importance for Cyprus.

The works are carried out by Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot archeologists and specialists.

Hadjidemetriou told the CNA that Agios Epiphanios is a Christian church of the 4th century and Kampanopetra around the end of the 5th, beginning of the 6th century and the preservation of their mosaics is considered to be a great project for the bicommunal Committee.

At the moment, works at a total of 31 projects are in progress and they include restoration at another monument of great importance, the church of Panagia tis Kyras.

Hadjidemetriou said that the church was looted and its mosaics are of great value and significance, similar to the well known mosaics of Panagia Kanakaria and Angeloktisti at Kiti.

Head of the Committee also told the Cyprus News Agency that works are carried out at the church of Agios Georgios in Avlona and Zouhouri mosque in Larnaca as well as in four cemeteries, adding that another two will be revamped soon.
Works are also starting soon at the church in Yenagra.

In relation to the destruction of the Necropolis near the occupied village of Karmi, Hadjidemetriou said that he will bring up the issue during tomorrow’s meeting of the Committee.

A report in the Turkish Cypriot daily ‘’Halkin Sesi’’ on Monday said that the Necropolis, dating back to the Bronze Age, is collapsing due to lack of maintenance.

According to the website of the Church of Cyprus , the basilica of Agios Epiphanios is one of the largest and most important basilicas on the island. It is a five-aisled one and was destroyed in the first Arab raids.

The three-aisled basilica of Kampanopetra, is close to the one of Agios Epifanios. A the east of the central arch features a second three-story atrium, reminiscent of the Rotunda of the Holy Sepulcher and the Basilica of the Resurrection in Jerusalem.

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