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Ministry publishes guidelines for operation of malls


Malls have reopened under operating guidelines issued by the Health Ministry as part of efforts to contain the spread of coronavirus.

These, it clarified, are over and above obligations under the health and safety law, the quarantine law and the various decrees.

Here are some of the main points

Protection measures at the business prior to start of operations: 

  • Any person with symptoms or who has come into contact with a person with symptoms should not go to work
  • Distancing indoors with special signs etc and strict adherence to health and safety rules during coronavirus
  • Flexible working hours with prearranged working groups so as to facilitate tracing should there be a case
  • Disinfection of the premises and of a/c prior to operation
  • Proper ventilation as per the circular on a/c
  • Disinfection stations and free personal protective equipment at the entrance
  • Thermals cameras at each entrance
  • Restricting access to mall with use of one or two entrances and prevention of crowding by security staff
  • Checks of total visitors in the car park
  • Signage on the floors on the 2 metres distance rule with emphasis at the cash registers at individual shops
  • Special signs to avoid use of lift and instructions (must wear masks and no crowding in lift by restricting numbers to 30% to 50% of capacity)
  • Train staff on proper use and discarding of PPE, etc
  • Preparation of management plan in the event of a positive case
  • Flexible time schedule recommended
  • Staff must be informed on protecting themselves and those near them (avoiding touching face, avoiding unnecessary interaction, regular hand washing, wearing mask etc)
  • There are in addition, specific rules for catering establishments ( as well as for individual businesses  ( and for cleaning of bathrooms  (

Protection measures during operation

  • Hand sanitiser at entrance/exit
  • Security staff at entrance to check there is no crowding and to carry out thermal checks
  • Staff must wash hands before entry and must wear mask.
  • Breaks for staff should be in the same and as small as possible groups to avoid crowding in kitchen bathroom. Strict hand hygiene.
  • Visitors must enforce hand hygiene on entrance and exit and before using changing rooms
  • Distancing within the mall with signs
  • Distancing signs and hand sanitiser at the cash register
  • In the event of use of changing rooms a staff member must be responsible for ensuring there is no crowding and that hand sanitiser is used before and after
  • Masks are mandatory for staff

Cleanliness rules in the mall 

  • Written instructions for cleaning and disinfection, cleaning staff must clean and disinfect several times a day with special emphasis on high touch surfaces

Malls reopen to the public (photos)


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