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Kurds protest against the extradition of Kenan Ayas

The Kurdish Cultural Center in Cyprus is calling for a meeting in front of the Ministry of Justice on Monday morning at 11.00 a.m., demanding that the request for the extradition of the Kurdish Kenan Ayas to Germany, which, according to the Center’s statement, will lead to the arrested man’s extradition to Turkey, should not be granted.

As reported, Ayas was arrested at Larnaca airport on Wednesday as “Germany accuses him of terrorist activity” and the court decided to resume consideration of the German request on Tuesday, March 21, at 9.00 am. “We call on every democrat and all the friendly people of Cyprus to stand by our fellow fighter Kenan Ayas,” the Kurdish Cultural Centre’s statement said.

“The gathering aims to demonstrate the political nature of the German extradition warrant for the Kurdish fighter,” it continues, adding that “any extradition of the Kurdish fighter to Germany means his extradition from Germany to Turkey, where he faces a long prison sentence.”

It is also reported that a Kurdish delegation has been requested to meet with the Minister of Justice at 11.30 am on Monday morning.

Finally, it is noted that “Kenan Ayas is a Kurd from northern Kurdistan, and in Cyprus, he is recognized as a political refugee” and the statement concludes by calling for Kurdish organizations to be removed from the lists of terrorist organizations.

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