Whats OnFilmsCinema release of the award-winning Cypriot documentary “The Stray Story: A dogumentary”

Cinema release of the award-winning Cypriot documentary “The Stray Story: A dogumentary”

Following a successful festival round, having screened in more than 20 international film festivals and having received 13 awards to date, “The Stray Story: A dogumentary” by Christina Georgiou, is finally screening in K-Cineplex nationwide this coming November.

The documentary is an independent production about stray animals and volunteer work, filmed in five countries, and is the outcome of seven-year-long research and filming. It was produced by Blunatic Pictures, in collaboration with Crewhouse Media and FullMoon Productions, as well as through volunteer work, crowdfunding, the contribution of private sponsors and the valuable support of the Cultural Services and of the Ministry of Agriculture. Its main aim is to raise awareness about the causes and the solutions to the problem and to mobilize the public.

Its cinematic release arrives at the right time, considering this past summer marked a record in abandonments of pets in Cyprus, not only due to the holidays, but also as a consequence of the numerous pet purchases that took place during the pandemic, and their uncontrolled reproduction, a press release by the creators said.

Alongside the cinematic release of the documentary, a series of parallel activities will also take place, and invitations for the avant premiere, which will take place on 2nd November, will be given out in raffles. Part of the net profits, as well as sponsorships, will be offered in support of animal shelters and/or spaying-neutering programs.

Apart from the production of the documentary, Blunatic Pictures has been raising awareness on the stray issue for several years, by creating short educational videos, organizing events, lectures and book presentations, and will continue to do so. More information here:




ΤitleThe Stray Story: A dogumentary

Duration: 94 minutes

Production company: Blunatic Pictures LTD

DirectorChristina Georgiou

Official website: www.thestraystory.com

IMDb: (score 9.2/10) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9630292/

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuxxLI9nGbY&t=1s

Language: Greek, English

Subtitles: Greek, English


In a consumerist Western society where everything, including man’s best friend, is treated as disposable, everyday people aiding stray dogs remind us what being human(e) is all about. Volunteers from Cyprus, Greece, Romania and the United States open their homes and their hearts, becoming a voice for the 200 000 000 voiceless strays of the world and inspiring us to pitch in. Through their experiences, successes, difficulties and dilemmas, as well as through interviews with representatives of International Animal Welfare Organizations, the documentary exposes the problem and its solutions, while tackling the human condition in the western world.

Awards (to date):

36th Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival – Audience Award for Best Documentary

California Indies 2021 – Best Female Filmmaker Award

Docs without Borders Film Festival 2021 – Special Mention in wildlife/nature/animals category

Nature without Borders Film Festival 2022 – Award of outstanding excellence in Research

Midnight Soul Film Festival 2022 (Sweden) – Best Documentary Feature

The Impact DOCS Awards 2022 – Award of Merit: Best Female Filmmaker, Best Documentary

Vesuvius International Film Festival 2022 – Best First-Time Director, Best Editing

Sevilla Indie Film Festival 2022 – Best First-Time Director

Oaxaca Film Festival 2022- Doc Circle Award
Bridge of Peace International Film Festival 2022 – Best Debut Film

9th International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra – Michel Foucre Award

Other festival screenings:

Miami Indie Film Awards 2021

Toronto Independent Film Festival of Cift

Festival de Cine Global de Santo Domingo 2022

New York Independent Cinema Awards 2022

Hollywood International Golden Age Film Festival 2022

San Francisco Greek Film Festival 2022

Ecocine – Festival Internacional de cinema ambiental e direitos humanos 2022

Cinque Ports International Documentary Festival 2022, UK

Golden FEMI Film Festival 2022, Bulgaria

Docuworld film festival 2022, UK

Festicine Pedra Azul 2022, Brazil

Awareness Film Festival 2022, Los Angeles

Peloponnisos International Documentary Festival 2023

A few words about the creator of the documentary:

Christina Georgiou is an award-winning composer, screenwriter and film-maker, Doctor of Music and Member of the European Film Academy. For more information please visit:

christinageorgioumusic.com, blunatic.com  and imdb.com/name/nm3408378/.

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