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Catherine Xagoraris the new Greek Ambassador in Cyprus

Catherine Xagoraris is to be named Ambassador of Greece in Cyprus, succeeding Ambassador Ilias Fotopoulos, who serves in Nicosia in April 2015, becoming the first woman to take over the reins of the Greek Embassy in Nicosia.

Her appointment is expected in the coming months, possibly in October, but has not yet been officially announced.

The posting of the new Ambassador in Nicosia was published, along with other transfers, in the Greek Government Gazette on August 30.

In particular, it is stated that according to a presidential decree issued by Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias on August 22,  Xagorari is being transferred from the Canberra Embassy to the Nicosia Embassy. Fotopoulos is transferred from the Nicosia Embassy to the Central Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it was added.

Xagorari has been serving as Ambassador of Greece to Australia since 2016. She joined the diplomatic corps in 1990, and between 2008 and 2013 served in the Greek Embassy in Nicosia as the second ranked diplomat at the embassy here.

She has previously served in various positions in Germany, Turkey and the Permanent Representation of Greece to the United Nations, as well as in various directorates at the centre.

Among other things, from 1994 to 1998 she served as Consul of Greece in Munich, then from 1998 to 2001 she served as Consul in Edirne and between 2013-2015 she was Deputy Director of the Turkish desk at the Greek Foreign Ministry.


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