NewsWorldResearch vessel Oruc Reis back in Turkey’s continental shelf

Research vessel Oruc Reis back in Turkey’s continental shelf

Turkish research vessel Oruc Reis left on Wednesday evening an area that falls within the Greek continental shelf and entered the Turkish continental shelf, a military source told CNA.

The Turkish vessel sails within the boundaries of an area defined by a navigational telex or navtex, Turkey issued illegally last Monday, announcing that Oruc Reis will conduct seismic surveys in the area until August 23.

“Oruc Reis exited the Greek continental shelf shortly after 19:00 and entered the Turkish continental shelf, while it continues its course at 60 degrees” the same source said.

Asked to clarify whether the Turkish vessel has entered Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone on Wednesday afternoon, as reported by Greek media, they said that this has not happened yet.

The ship’s course is on a northeast to southwest axis and vice versa, while the course changes by 180 degrees when the ship reaches the boundaries defined in the illegal Turkish navtex, they explained, noting that so far the vessel moves between Turkey’s and Greece’s continental shelves.

However, Oruc Reis is bound to enter Cyprus’ EEZ at some point, it was added.

The research vessel is accompanied by two more ships, Ataman and Cengiz Han as well as the Turkish navy.

Cypriot authorities are monitoring the ship`s course closely.

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