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Natural trails of Cyprus. Part XIII. Panagia tou Araka – Stavros tou Agiasmati

The churches of Panagia tou Araka (1192 AD) and Stavros tou Agiasmati (1494 AD) are some of the most interesting points of this rout which boast outstanding frescoes and are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The trail passes through a pine forest, vineyards, almond trees and old stone structures. To the east of the trail you will see Kionia peak. To the north you will see the Morfou plain and Pentadaktylos mountain range. To the west, you will see Troodos, and to the south you will see Madari. The trail connects with the Lagoudera or Agros – Madari trail. At the entrance of the Panagia tou Araka church you will find a 700 year ­old oak tree.

Panagia tou Araka - Stavros tou Agiasmati (Linear) - Lefkosia (Nicosia) District, Adelfoi Forest Nature Trail

Flora: While hiking you can study the endemic plants: Thyme (Thymus integer), Shrubby knapweed (Ptilostemon chamaepeuce var. cyprius), ‘Manouthkia’ (Pterocephalus multiflorus subsp. multiflorus – an evergreen small shrub with pale pink flowers), Cyprus skullcap (Scutellaria cypria subsp. cypria).

Fauna: The main species of fauna found in the area are:

Mammals: Fox, hare, hedgehog.

Birds: Bonelli’s eagle, Wood pigeon, partridge, Cyprus warbler (endemic), Cyprus wheatear (endemic).

Reptiles: Cyprus viper, Cyprus lizard, Cyprus chameleon, Black whip snake

GPS coordinates of the starting point: Lat: 34.965616 Lon: 33.006824
GPS coordinates of the ending point: Lat: 34.978989 Lon: 33.045905
Altitude of the starting point: 1,035m
Altitude of the highest peak: 1,164m
Altitude of the end peak: 854m
Starting point: (a) Panagia tou Araka, Lagoudera
(b) Stavros tou Agiasmati (8km from Platanistasa).
Length: 7km
Estimated duration: 3 hours
Difficulty rate: 3

Natural trails of Cyprus. Part XII. Kavos circular trail at Cavo Greco

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