TheatersLimassolMoscow Circus on Ice in Paphos, Limassol and Nicosia on February 25-27

Moscow Circus on Ice in Paphos, Limassol and Nicosia on February 25-27

Moscow Circus on Ice under the direction of Natalia Abramova is a bright, dynamic, and colorful show. It’s a unique combination of familiar circus genres, choreography, and figure skating techniques, which gives the show additional dynamics.

Welcome to the Ice fairy tale!

The birth of the first and the only collective in the world «Circus on Ice» was a new milestone in the history of the circus world.

It was the last and best work of the Soviet era’s greatest director Arnold Grigoryevich Arnold. Based on his work experience in vaudeville, circus, cinema, and ice-dancing, in 1962 A. Arnold started a creative experiment.

Today Moscow Circus on Ice troupe, carefully preserves the best traditions, relying on the experiences of their predecessors, while constantly innovating and enriching with new creative works of this fine art.

Each act invites you to an extraordinary, fantastical, romantic, and extreme world.


Three fairies from a magical fairy-tale will perform an act on high stilts skates, immersing you in an atmosphere of three major elements — air, fire, and water.

«Russian Bar» on ice — charming and extreme at the same time! As for today, there is nothing alike in any ice show in the world! Become witnesses of a romantic love story told by the language of ice choreography and aerial gymnastics.

Get involved in the jubilant atmosphere of the carnival — fiesta by acrobats with ropes, jugglers, acrobats on monocycles, and funny clowns!

Don’t miss the incredible show!

After numerous tours in USA, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, Netherlands, South Africa, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, France, Russia, Poland, Belgium, China, Canada, Japan, and many others, Nikulin Moscow Circus presents Grandiose Ice Show for adults and kids for the first time in Cyprus
For children under 12 years – discount 30%

Paphos February 25 at 7 pm
Limassol February 26 (two performances) at 4 and 8 pm
Nicosia February 27 (two performances) at 3 at 7 pm

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