TheatersLimassolFamous Broadway Musical "Alladin Jr." at Pattihio on June 11

Famous Broadway Musical “Alladin Jr.” at Pattihio on June 11

Unlike anything you have ever seen before, this captivating story, striking beauty and inconceivable magic make this musical comedy theatre show simply unmissable. Be inspired by Aladdin’s show which is s all about wishes and making your dreams come true.

Performances are organized by Imperial Russian Academy in cooperation with Art Devotion.

Senior Cast

Art Devotion is a non–profit organization with the aim to present and perfect art in Cyprus. The organization promotes and provides the best opportunities to artists living in Cyprus that aspire to further improve their already strong artistic background.

In the Senior Cast Performance, we have some great Artists presenting their extraordinary talent in Musical Theatre, proving that Cypriot artists have the potential for greatness in the Art world.

Junior Cast

The Junior Cast are Students of the Imperial Russian Academy. Imperial Russian Academy guides and educates children and adults in the wonderful world of Dance, Music and Theatre. Students of Imperial Russian Academy are winners and finalists of many European and World Competitions. After graduation, they are accepted at the world’s Best Universities and are now Artists in famous theatres.

The Academy has achieved a high reputation for the superior quality of teaching and artistic training, leading students to a professional career in all of the above fields of Arts mentioned.

When Saturday, June 11 at 5 pm and 8:30 pm
Where Pattihio Theatre, Limassol
Tickets: from €12
Duration: 60’

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