Whats OnExhibitionMusical storytelling performance: "Stories from the cave"

Musical storytelling performance: “Stories from the cave”

What makes a woman keep on fighting through the centuries? What is the source of power that makes her walk on this earth? How does her flame of love still shine despite the flood of hatred all around it?

Narrator Marina Katsari and musician Anastasia Demetriadou follow the call of olden folklore and music and recreate three archetypal stories of women who decided not to remain hidden in the cave of their body and mind.

Through a combination of disciplines, where timeless elements meet contemporary sounds, the performers combine utopia and dystopia and create a unique world of the old and the new.

10 performances in Nicosia, all weekends of October at ARTos House.

Performers: Marina Katsari & Anastasia Demetriadou

Musical compositions: Anastasia Demetriadou

Research: Marina Katsari & Rebecca Katsari

Text editing: Vangelis Gettos

Set & costume design: Rebecca Katsari Photos & video: Haris Panagiotou

Performances: 1,2,8,9,15,16,22,23,29,30 October 2022, 20:00

ARTos House, Agioi Omologites 64, 1080, Nicosia Reservations and information: 96130158

Ticket (single): 10€

With the support of the Cultural Services – Deputy Ministry of Culture.

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