Whats OnFilms"Secret Cinema Halloween Night" in Nicosia on October 28-30

“Secret Cinema Halloween Night” in Nicosia on October 28-30

This is not your typical movie night! If you are a film addict, a Halloweener and an adventure junkie here is the perfect night for you! ​Come solo, with friends or with your other half. No matter what, OIBM team guarantees a night to remember, a night ​that happens only Once In a Blue Moon!

​At Secret Cinema Halloween Night you get the unique opportunity to be part of the world of a movie! In simple words, OIBM extracts the atmosphere, characters and scenes from the movie and brings them to life! Of course, some spices are always added and the twists!


This tailored experience is exclusive and limited (30 people per day) for three days only, 28-30th of October. The dress code is themed based on the concept of the movie and dressing up is an essential part to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

The duration of the experience is approximately 5 hours, depending on how early you join and how thirsty you are for adventure! We also tend to keep our location a secret and only reveal it to those who book their tickets.

If you want some extra excitement and a few mind games follow us on social media @itsonceinabluemoon.
We always post some cheeky clues! Careful though sometimes are intentionally misleading!

​Are you ready?! It’s showtime!

When October 28, 29, and 30 (3 time slots for each day)
Where Secret location
FB Page
Tickets (on sale until October 25)

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