Whats OnExhibitionPop-Up Art Show: Exhibition on May 12

Pop-Up Art Show: Exhibition on May 12

Fotini Michailidi was born in 1993 in Paphos. She studied BA Fine Arts at Middlesex University in London, where she focused on creating installations that explored concepts and stereotypical views of the appropriate “ideal life” and how they affect us in our decision-making and therefore in our everyday lives. They open discussions focused on the ideas of social norms and their role in society. Recently, she graduated from the University of Nicosia where she did her postgraduate studies (MA) in Digital Art and Design. Since 2015, she has participated in various group exhibitions and festivals throughout Cyprus and abroad.
In her current work as a contemporary artist, she has placed particular emphasis on mixed media paintings with the female body as the centre of her work. A combination of space and time through colours, shades, shapes, and lines. An emotional exploration of the personal connection between desires, needs, and fears, approaching the figures from an emotional point of view. The abstract figures, in many layers and textures, present an exploration of the relationship between body and mind, testing the limits of the nude body. A subconscious journey, which allows her personal experiences to flow through the brush directly to the canvas. The moody, yet qualitative, emotions are expressed in her paintings as they emerge into the foreground, bringing the complex, multi-layered textures of the figure to our space as we perceive her presence and emotions. For Fotini, the woman’s body is the most interesting subject to explore. It symbolizes absolute beauty and life but also the most intense experience of pain.
Duration and visiting hours:
12-19 May 2022
Monday – Friday: 19:00 – 22:00
Saturday: 16:00 – 22:00
Sunday: Closed
*The current public health protocols will apply on site

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