ExhibitionNicosiaChristos Christou art exhibition

Christos Christou art exhibition

The new work of Christos Christou with the title ‘The Convergence of black, white and colour’ is presented at Apocalypse Gallery in Nicosia.

Christos Christou was born in Pafos in 1950. After his studies in Paris (Ιcole Nationale Supιrieure des Beaux-arts), where he specialised in painting, frescoes and lithography, he settled there. His main work, which revolves around man and beings of the animal kingdom (horses, birds, bulls etc), is characterised by a dream-like surrealism that recalls early renaissance frescoes with sculptural forms.

Until the 12th of May 2018

Apocalypse Gallery

30 Chytron Street , Tofarko House, Nicosia



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