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A Boundless Form, Exploring the polysemy of abstraction: exhibition at St Raphael till August 28

Art100 hosts its first silent exhibition entitled “A Boundless Form: Exploring the polysemy of Abstraction”. A Boundless Form operates at the nexus between artistic creation and artistic appreciation aiming to provide its viewers with an intangible and emotional experience, through immersing themselves in the world of abstraction and developing their own sense and meaning of the select artworks.

The curated works from the Art100 collection illuminate the developments and practices of abstraction in the work of select European and American artists and at the same time create a space where the manifold ways in which abstraction interlinks the freedom of the artist with the freedom of the viewer can flourish.

On the one hand, the exhibition invites you to interact with the imaginative final products of the selected artists who through their art transcend the physically apprehensible and seek to make manifest the intangible onto the canvas but on the other hand, the exhibition invites the viewer to connect with the artist’s intention by pushing its boundaries through the formation of new conceptual, emotive and aesthetic connections with the artworks.

When Daily till August 28 from 5 pm till 10 pm
Where The Tower at St Raphael Resort
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