With a panoramic sea view, the small port of Paphos and the medieval castle, this roof bar Ouranos which has just opened at the last floor of Annabelle Hotel, it is been distinguished not only from its elegance but also, from its amazing and delicious food, cocktails and the amazing music. In its Mediterranean fusion menu you can find a range of choices from fresh salads and fishes. Something that is distinguished among these, it is the tuna with mango, rice of jasmine with ponzu and pickled ginger but also, pork with grilled vegetables and ricotta cheese. For the evening, they are offering small and delicious dishes, suitable for sharing with your friends. For all of those that are appreciating the fine drinking, the bartender with inspirations from around the world are creating astonishing cocktails and unique spirits.

Hotel Annabelle, Leoforos Poseidonos, Paphos, 26885000, Monday to Sunday 8:00-1:00.

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