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Baan Thai Kitchen

Fans of Thai cuisine will love this recently opened restaurant in Paphos called Baan Thai Kitchen. The chef and owner Guenael Le Berre from Thailand wanted to create a restaurant that would serve genuine Thai flavours. Guenae says “women make the best chefs” and so his wife, who is also a chef, is always in the kitchen making sure that dishes are prepared using only authentic Thai ingredients, many of which are cultivated in house such as lemongrass and bean sprouts. Try their aromatic curry such as Panaeng, Massamun and Gaeng Keaw Waan (green curry), salads (Nam Tok Moo/Nua, Yum Woonsen), popular soups such as  Tom Yum Goong and Tom Kha Gai, the well-known Pad Thai and their specialty, Gai Pad Med Mamuang which is chicken with roasted cashew nuts. Value for money. Open Tue-Sun, lunch and dinner.

5, Ledas, Basilica Garden, Block D, Kato Paphos, 26 220 290/96 447 619

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