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Top-5 Kids Menus in Cyprus

Feeling like going out to eat tonight with your little ones? We visited many full-service or buffet-style restaurant chains to see which cater best to families and to find out what they’re feeding the kids and selected five best. Enjoy family-style meals in these restaurants with menus tailored to your children’s tastes and preferences.

TGI Friday’s

No surprises that the popular American chain has remained high in our preferences for decades for family outings, as everyone, young and old, can enjoy their delicious signature dishes, well-known friendly service and warm retro décor. The kids’ menu serves popular classic American dishes such as burgers, chicken nuggets, Mac & cheese, Bbq and much more.

It goes without saying that if your child has a birthday, there is no better place to have a bright warm party with family and friends.

All cities

Tel: 22674411

Monday-Sunday 12:00-00:00


Ocean Basket

Your kids do not eat fish? You just have to take them to the right place and from that day they will adore it!

Ocean Basket is a South African chain of seafood restaurants. The fresh and relaxing atmosphere of this place travels you far away from your daily routine – to remote shores of blue oceans… At Ocean Basket, you will enjoy a rich seafood menu with your little ones, either ordering huge platters with fish, seafood and side dishes – trademarked – or individual dishes.

The children’s menu includes favourite and “certain” options such as fish nuggets, squid bread, crispy shrimp and even sushi with the Greek twist – with feta and other Meditteranean goodies.

All cities

Tel: 22 676070

Monday-Sunday 12:00-22:30



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Italians adore children and it shows in Marzano as they offer really good, tasty and healthy food in their children’s menu called Piccolo menu. Garlic bread, pizzas, pasta with or without sauce, burgers  and a great choice of impressive pastries. Children will be thrilled to find out that they can choose their own starter, main, dessert and drink from the menu created exclusively for them! And while they wait for their three-course meal to be served, they can have lots of fun with the pasta puzzle, word search and other exciting activities found on their menu!

The restaurant offers Sunday entertainment services that will entertain the children and allow their parents to enjoy their meal.

27 Diagorou Street, Nicosia. 22 663240/740

Makarios & Kalogreon, Larnaca. 24 657000/020

Monday-Sunday 12:00 to 16:00, 19:00 to 23:00


Verde Caferesto

Pizza, Slice, Italian, Toppings, Dinner, Lunch, Cheese

Verde Caferesto certainly does not look like a typical shopping mall cafe. It is a tasteful and beautiful space where the whole family can enjoy its food in comfort and tranquillity away from noise and crowds.

The children’s menu includes the “usual suspects” such as spaghetti with tomato sauce, mini burgers, chicken nuggets with french fries, ham and cheese toast and grilled chicken with rice and vegetables.

There is also a big selection of desserts as well as crepes, waffles and ice cream.

Madrid 2, Nicosia Mall


Monday-Sunday 09: 00-23: 00



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Wagamama offers to the little fans of Asian cuisine delicious dishes such as chicken or fish with noodles, mini ramen chicken, rice with vegetables and chicken adapted for the children tastes in a less spicy version and kid-friendly flavours. Kids love their fantastic range of mini Japanese dishes. All “baby dishes” are prepared in a healthy way and served with a balanced portion of vegetables and a vegetarian selection.

A pencil-case with pastels is provided for the little guests of the restaurant upon request which allows parents to enjoy their meal.

16 Themistoklis Dervis, Nicosia

Tel: 22 870140

Gregory Afksentiou & Stylianou Lena 39, Larnaca

Tel: 24 021005

Limassol Marina

Tel: 25051299

Sunday-Thursday 12:00-23:00

Friday-Saturday 12:00-23:30


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