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Our 10 favourite new age fish restaurants

The days are gone when the Cypriot fish taverns were fighting over who offered the largest number of appetizers. Near the waves and by overlooking the sea or the traffic of the city, these are the 10 new age restaurants for fish that meet (our) conditions.

Almar Seafood Bar

Almar is one of our favourite restaurants in Cyprus for its elegance, positive atmosphere, excellent cuisine and the seamless sea view. The day here starts early in the morning, with breakfast options (bagel with smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado and pomegranate mousse, tortillas with crab and much more) and continues with seafood with gourmet touches. The sea bass ceviche, with fresh sea bass, red onion, avocado puree, passion fruit and pea sprouts, Gambari fried shrimp and mayonnaise with sweet chili and grilled cuttlefish, with baby potatoes, tomato, lemon and virgin olive oil sauce. Extra bonus signature cocktails, such as Almar Island with vodka, gin, rum, Triplesec, peach liqueur, curacao, lime and pink grapefruit soda.

Tasou Mitsopoulou, Mackenzie, Larnaca, 24201700

Puesta Oyster Bar & Grill

The recipe is extremely successful as it has an incredible view that spreads at your feet, excellent food and exotic cocktails. Here you can enjoy a rich variety of seafood, such as, oysters, scallops, shiny, quinces, crabs, with the sauce of your choice. We love the oysters with caviar and Wakame seaweed, scallops with orange jam, coffee beans and butter the sea urchin with olive oil, olive, vinegar, parsley and onion. Extra bonus is the homemade Sangria, with white or red wine, made with fresh seasonal fruits.

Amathountos 42, Paraliakos Pezodromos, Limassol, 25329040, 99527207


On a wonderful terrace with wooden tables and chairs in white and by overlooking the Mediterranean sea, you will taste nice fresh appetizers and very delicious dishes made with local seafood. Try the saganaki with shrimp, crayfish, octopus and fried squid served with delicious French fries, rice and salad. Do not forget to order a gin & tonic that will accompany your food in the best way.

Vryssoudon 79, Pernera, Protaras, 99988600


In whatever city you are, your own compass is guiding you which apart from its all-time classic restaurant in Nicosia, in the recent years has acquired siblings in Limassol and Larnaca. Pyxida Seafront in Piale Pasha, made its appearance last year, in a privileged location just opposite the sea. With an elegant and modern aesthetic, it serves seafood that the customer will choose, baked in a crust of salt, an excellent stuffed squid cooked on the grill and careful sushi dishes.

Piale Pasha, Larnaca, 24664411


Having established itself as the ultimate tasting destination in Paphos, the restaurant has once again laid out its tables and offers a unique gastronomic experience, starring once again in the delicious scene of Paphos. Its rich menu includes fresh fish and seafood, such as octopus, crayfish, fried squid which are served in a beautiful, traveling atmosphere. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you can enjoy your food with live music.

Hotel Almyra, Leoforos Poseidonos 12, Paphos, 26888700.

NOA Beach Seafood Restaurant

The Famagusta National Club is a stylish, modern place with comfortable sofas, sunbeds under wicker umbrellas and excellent food. By giving emphasis on the fish and seafood, it serves homemade dips, salads with seafood, fresh shellfish, tartar with sea bass and tuna, sashimi and tataki, tacos with tuna and tomato sauce and lobster spaghetti. If you cannot choose just a few of the dozens of the menu options, you can order meze, seafood or shellfish and try a little of everything.

Promachon Eleftherias 2, Agios Athanasios, 25324056.

Fat Fish

It is aimed at fish eaters who want something more than just a simple fish tavern offers. It serves the freshest fish, available depending on the season, the weather and the fate of its fishermen. For appetizers you can order fresh oysters and mussels, tuna with sesame seeds, grilled octopus and shrimp saganaki. For main dishes you can choose from pasta, fresh fish that are served as a whole (fagri, vlach and sea bream, etc.) salmon, cuttlefish and squid. At night you have the choice to make your own combinations for meze.

Naftikos Omilos Lemesou, Leoforos Georgiou A’, Potamos Germasogias, Limassol, 25828181.

Limanaki Restaurant

Looking at the Mediterranean, you will enjoy the impressive dishes with the service that befits a five-star hotel like Amathus in Limassol and from its brand new, summer menu you will try dishes prepared for you by its experienced chefs, as well as fresh fish to choose from its shop window. Among the most interesting proposals, the cannelloni that is stuffed with scallops, royal shrimp and sea bass with a coating of lobster biscuits, tuna with sweet chili, juice and grated lime and chives served with a crispy cantaloupe, macaroni oil and spicy bean oil, the risotto with scallops and the Carpaccio sea bass with smoked herring caviar and wakame.

Hotel Amathus, Leoforos Amathountos 75, Limassol, 25832030.

Kalamies Beach Restaurant

The first thing that wins you over in Kalamies is the white décor, the endless blue of the sea and the picturesque church of Agios Nikolaos (Saint Nicholas) in the background. A scene like from a movie, which has won our hearts since 1976. The second thing you will notice is their good menu which keeps the classic dishes we loved since a young age but also, adds new dishes every summer to keep us interested. We distinguish the fresh scallops, steamed fresh mussels, the carpaccio and tartar which they go perfectly with one of the wines of their well-informed wine cellar.

Ellinon 40, Pernera, Protaras, 23831145.


The restaurant that for 18 years brings the breeze of the sea into the capital through imaginative dishes and welcomes you this summer in its wonderful courtyard and in its renovated interior. Maintaining in its menu the classic options of fresh fish and seafood and renewing it with delicious additions that will keep you happy. We have already distinguished some dishes and we suggest you to try the soft souvlaki from swordfish which is accompanied by colourful vegetables and zucchini which you can combine with white wine from the available variety.

Niovis 3, Agioi Omologites, 22419310 and 22311694







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