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Facetime Bakery Café

At Facetime Bakery Café, you can properly start your day with selected, organic coffee, accompanied by a simple, delicious yet, ham-cheese toast. If, on the other hand, you opt for a lunch break, then you can have a super-tasty club sandwich, wrapped around a traditional Greek pita bread! The Il Grasso sandwich with halloumi, prosciutto and basil pesto is another excellent alternative. Here, you can also enjoy amazing salads – we recommend the one with fig, anise, roasted hazelnuts and orange and honey vinaigrette. When it comes to sweet treats, do not leave without trying the extraordinary classic brownie.

Note: food & beverages are also available for take-out and delivery

Mykinon 10D, Nicosia, 22322380

Monday- Sunday: 7:00-20:00


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