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Boutique Patisserie

How about a piece of white chocolate raspberry, or red velvet, or an Oreo brownie? The line of cheesecake flavours at Boutique Patisserie, which just recently opened its doors, goes on further with key lime, toffee crunch caramel, mint chocolate, mascarpone dulce de leche and After Eight cheesecake. When you finally manage to pull your nose away from the display window and begin to examine a tasteful room inside, you will feel as if you were inside a Parisian Boutique Patisserie. It is clear that attention to detail gives a kind of vintage mood to the place. Mariella Christou is the guilty in charge, a pianist turned pastry chef. And it seems her shift was just right, because taste after taste gets even better, with a strawberry coconut getting a high mark from us. Of course, in cheesecake heaven there are other homemade temptations, like the excellent apple crumble. In case you are undecided between two cakes, don’t worry… you can take half of each. Until next time then… for that chocolate strawberry cake we were eyeing while the hostess was placing it inside a wonderful wooden case. Small details do matter.

7D-7E Nikis Avenue, Nicosia 22 100 333.


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