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Barrel Eat: gourmet street food with the touch of Commandaria

The Barrel Еat is a classic food truck located at Сommandaria Theodora winery next to the picturesque church of Agios Epifanios in Dhoros village. You will find it on your way from Limassol to Troodos.

The Barrel Eat serves gourmet snacks prepared with unique sauce made of  – what else! – of course, Commandaria as this famous Cypriot wine is a spécialité  of Сommandaria Theodora winery.

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Commandaria is an amber-coloured sweet dessert wine made in the Commandaria region of Cyprus on the foothills of the Troödos mountains. Commandaria is made from sun-dried grapes of the varieties Xynisteri and Mavro. While often a fortified wine, through its production method it often reaches high alcohol levels, around 15%, already before fortification.

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It represents an ancient wine style documented in Cyprus back to 800 BC and has the distinction of being the world’s oldest named wine still in production, with the name Commandaria dating back to the crusades in the 12th century.

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The menu of the Barrel Еat is simple but impressive: Double Burger, Signature Burger, and a big choice of tasty sandwiches accompanied by fresh crispy French fries.

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The winery is open for wine tasting daily from 9am to 5pm except Sundays.

Where Dhoros – 4750 – Limassol



Tel 99319646

E-mail: [email protected]

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