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Christmas Charm of Limassol

Limassol, popular as a ‘sea and sun’ tourist destination is nevertheless a Christmas trip one should not miss! Whether you are a child, an adult, a parent or a senior citizen looking for the ultimate coziness, Limassol should definitely be at the top of your Christmas list.

‘An authentic Christmas fair, according the best European tradition!’ The weather is as mild as 13℃ even at night time, so all the merry events are happening both indoors and outdoors, with no need for more than a light jacket to enjoy the holidays. Order the chilliest drink or the hottest cup of cocoa and join in the holiday celebrations with absolutely no worries.

Scroll down Anexartisias shopping street, located in the very centre of Limassol, and enjoy the choir’s jolly festive melodies while admiring the city’s tallest and brightest Christmas tree. Then, satisfy your belly with one of the world’s greatest cuisines. There is a Christmas exhibition on the 17th of December, the annual Christmas decoration and events every afternoon in Anexartesias street (opposite Zara).

Limassol Marina & Trakasol Cultural Centre 20th of November to 7th of January
Christmas on the sea | Limassol Marina kick-started this year’s festive season on Sunday the 20th of November with a festive event in the Marina Square in the presence of its property and marina residents, all project staff and visitors. with an exciting calendar of events for the festive season.

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