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Cyprus’ 6 best sunset spots

Watching the sun disappearing below the horizon can bring to you joy, especially when you marvel at the gold reflections on the sea and the beautiful red and orange colors of a sunset. Everyone, from poets to the ordinary folks, have been mesmerized by the inexpressible aura and charm of the sun setting.

While on vacation, you might be spending most of your time by enjoying glorious local food or admiring numerous attractions; however, we also recommend you to invest time and energy in enjoying the beauty of a colourful and enchanting sunset, as most of us only make time for sunsets when we are on vacation. Below, we have picked the perfect spots where you can enjoy sunset all over Cyprus.

Cape Greco

Cape Greco in Agia Napa is one of the most popular places in Cyprus, attracting many visitors, both local and foreigners, because of its crystal waters, the sea caves or the beautiful sunset.

Larnaka Salt Lake

Larnaka Salt Lake is the second largest salt-lake in Cyprus and measures 2.2 square kilometres. In 1997 it was declared a protected area, both by the Cypriot Law for the Prote­ction and Management of Nature and Wildlife and by the European Ha­bitats Directive. Larnaka Salt Lake, which is a Ramsar and Natura 2000 site – one of the most significant biotopes in Europe – is also one of the most important habitats in Europe for waterfowl.

Located southwest of Larnaka town and east of the villages of Meneou and Dromolaxia, the Salt Lake – known locally as ‘Alyki’ – is definitely offering a mesmerizing view at sunset .

Akamas Peninsula, Paphos

Akamas Peninsula, a spot of unique, unspoiled natural beauty, stands out for its precious ecology, since the diversity of flora and fauna is truly impressive. Rare endemic plants grow there and foxes, snakes and other reptiles as well as many types of migratory birds are found there.  Of course, it comes as no surprise that sunsets in Akamas are simply spectacular!

Kourion Limassol

Kourion, located in Limassol, along the coast of Episkopi Bay, is one of the island’s most famous archaeological sites. However, you will feel thrilled by the raw beauty of the landscape that makes Kourion an ideal sunset spot. A perfect place to both end and start your day out in the wild nevertheless!


Pyrgos Tyllirias

Omega beach, located in Pyrgos Tyllirias village, is considered as one of the most clean and beautiful beaches in Cyprus. Golden sands, crystal waters and unspoiled natural scenery are the elements that make a sunset in Pyrgos breathtaking.

Pegia Sea Caves

Pegia village is located in the Paphos District. Thousands of visitors and photographers are rushing to Pegia, not only for the sandy beaches but also to admire the sunset, especially in the Edro III shipwreck area, located a few miles away from Peyia and the Sea Caves.


Praxia Aresti

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