Taste of CyprusWineOenou Yi - Ktima Vassiliades

Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades

The contemporary winery “Oenou Yi” with the combination of high technology equipment and the ideal practices for quality wine-making, governs the vineyards. The devotion and dedication of both the winemakers and oenologists are entirely in line with the consistent quality of the produce. Enticing its visitors to a unique experience, they are taken on an eclectic journey into the land of Omodos.

The well-designed winemaking, bottling and tasting venues, are ready to offer an unforgettable experience, introducing its visitors to a truly memorable experience.

With exuberant expertise and ‘meraki’ (Greek word used to describe the soul, creativity or passion put into your endeavour); and by following the long tradition of the land of Omodos, “Oenou Yi” contributes to the history and continuity of the local wine production.

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