Brandy Sour

The national cocktail of the island is undoubtedly the famous Brandy Sour, and although it is also enjoyed in other parts of the world, the Cypriot version is unique for the Cypriot brandy used in it and its interesting, royal origins!

The story goes that it was originally invented in the early fifties for King Farouk of Egypt at one of the island’s oldest hotels in the Troodos mountains. As the king loved Cypriot Brandy, the staff created a drink using brandy that looked like an innocent ice-tea, so that it wouldn’t be obvious he was enjoying alcohol!

The cocktail is made with Cypriot brandy – which is milder than Cognac or Armagnac – lemons (fresh or squash), Angostura bitters, soda water (or lemonade) and ice.

As well as enjoying it during your visit to the island, you can make the cocktail back home by buying a bottle – or two – of Cypriot brandy whilst you are here!

Courtesy of the CTO

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