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‘Your fine is in the post’

Traffic camera fines will be sent by registered mail once the new traffic cameras are installed as from next year, Phileleftheros reported on Wednesday.

It said that the finance ministry had initially suggested that these be sent by ordinary mail as this would be cheaper, but it was decided that registered mail be used instead so as to pre-empt individuals claiming they never received it. They anticipate that despite the higher mailing costs, registered mail will be a more effective way to collect fines.

The letters will be sent by the private investor who will operate the traffic cameras, with the money ending up in state coffers. The investor will factor in the cost in the final amount it will be paid by the state.

Still pending is the review of the tender documents by the Law Office of the Republic. Once this is done, bids will be invited, probably before the end of the year.

If all goes well, the first traffic cameras will be installed towards the end of 2019. The contract is expected to cost more than €40m. Cameras will monitor speed and traffic lights. But in the event a driver is caught breaking either, use of seat belts and free hands will also be checked.


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