NewsLocalYeronisos area's rare plant Cistanche phelypaea no longer under extinction threat

Yeronisos area’s rare plant Cistanche phelypaea no longer under extinction threat

Authorities took the necessary measures so that the very rare plant Cistanche phelypaea on the islet of Yeronisos off Paphos has been protected from extinction, Philenews reported on Monday.

The action was taken jointly by the Forestry Department and that of Antiniquities, plus, efforts were boosted by the reduction of visits to the area due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In 2018, the Forestry Department had sent a letter to the antiquities department and Peyia municipality asking for their cooperation in protecting Cistanche phelypaea from extinction. Because the archaeological excavations that were taking place on the island over the past 15 years had seriously affected its growth.

Yeronisos islet and the coastal zone adjoining the forest land of Akamas has been declared a National Forest Park and falls within the EU Natura 2000 network as being an important habitat for many species of flora and bird fauna.

In the year that followed the disclosure of the problem, all the state, municipal and private authorities involved were in constant consultation – behind the scenes – in order to improve the situation immediately and remove any possibility of its deterioration.

The importance attached and the measures taken in the intervening period have, according to those responsible, greatly improved the situation. To the extent, actually, that the threat of its disappearance is no longer considered to be visible.

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