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Water levels in dams rise to 88.2%, Evretou on course to becoming 11th dam to overflow

Cyprus’ third biggest dam, Evretou, is close to overflowing, which would make it the 11th dam to do so this winter.

Abundant rains have replenished Cyprus’ depleted water stocks. The dams are now 88.2% full after a total inflow of 232.253 mcm (million cubic metres) since October 1.

This is the highest recorded in the past decade and more than five times the 44.897 mcm of water that flowed into the dams in the one year period of October 1, 2017 to October 1, 2018.

So far 10 dams have overflowed, including Cyprus’ second biggest dam, Asprokremmos.

Kourris, which is by far the island’s biggest dam with a total capacity of 115.000 mcm — is now 83.8% full. It was only 17.1% full on the same day last year.

According to figures issued by the Water Development Department on Monday morning, Evretou is now 99.2% full – just 0. 202 mcm shy of full capacity. The department’s figures show Evretou received 0.242 mcm in the past three days. On the same day last year water storage levels were only 43.4%.

The second best year this decade was in 2011/2012 when the dams collected 191. 574 mcm of water.

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