NewsLocalWaiting for the 33-year old suspect to speak

Waiting for the 33-year old suspect to speak

The involvement of 33-year-old man arrested as a suspect for the double homicide in Strovolos remains unclear as the police is searching for evidence that connect him to the crime. The suspect is apparently involved in the crime, but, although he has expressed his intention to give names and details concerning the murders, he has not said anything thus far, saying he was too tired.

However, today it is expected that he will be summoned for a testimony about his involvement and anything he might know about the crime. Yesterday criminologists searched his car in his presence and found two notebooks with notes on the double murder.

Today it’s expected that the 15-year-old son of the victims will give a new testimony to the police in the presence of his lawyer and other experts and is expected to shed more light on the conditions of the crime. According to authorities, the young boy will be called to identify the 33-year old in a police lineup but it is unclear whether this will take place today.

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