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Vaccination of 16-17-year-olds begins

In an effort to further shield public health against COVID-19, the Ministry of Health announces the vaccination of individuals aged 16 and 17, after taking into account the recommendations of the Pediatric Organization of Cyprus.

The vaccinations of the 16-17 age group will be carried out with mRNA technology vaccines after an appointment arrangement through the Vaccination Portal. The Vaccination Portal will be made available for the arrangement of appointments of individuals aged 16 and over as of Wednesday, 30 June, at 7:30 in the morning and it will remain open without a time limit. The appointment can be arranged through the Vaccination Portal, either by the parents/legal guardians or by the Personal Doctor/Pediatrician in consultation with the parents/legal guardians of the children.

At the Vaccination Centres, minors should necessarily provide the following documentation:

– Written Consent Form by Parents/Guardians for the Vaccination of a Minor with a Vaccine against COVID-19 signed by both parents/guardians, unless this is not legally necessary (by presenting a relevant Court Order). The Form should be given to the Vaccination Centres during vaccination.

– Identification document (identity card, passport, Alien Registration Certificate, etc.) of the minor.

– Copy of an identification document of one of the parents/guardians. If the minor is accompanied by the parents/guardians (or one of the two), the parents/guardians should present an identification document.

The decision for the vaccination shielding of the ages of 16 and 17 was taken after examining the latest data of the Tracing Unit, which show that almost 30% of positive cases are individuals aged 18 and under, especially adolescents aged 15-18, who have intense social activity and an increased number of contacts. According to scientific data, the characteristics that the virus presents in adolescents (transmissibility, dispersion, symptomatology, etc.) are identical to those presented in adults.

For the above reasons, and to ensure that a new outbreak of the virus in the community will be prevented, and that younger ages and, by extension, their family and friendly environment are shielded, parents/guardians are encouraged to consent to their vaccination, after discussion with their children. In view of the resumption of the school year in September, the timely vaccination of children will contribute to the smooth operation of schools, with the physical presence of students.


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