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Update: 34 year old dies of pulmonary edema soon after arrest in Larnaca

A 34 year old man who died soon after his arrest in Larnaca following a domestic violence incident died of an acute pulmonary edema, state coroner Eleni Antoniou said on Wednesday. She said samples have been sent for further tests. Marios Alzamani was known to the police for drug related offences.

Police had been called to a house by neighbours around midnight to investigate a complaint of family violence.  There they found a Moldovan woman in a state of panic, with  a 10 year old child.  The 30 year old was raging out of control, shouting and breaking things. In their attempt to restrain him the man hit a police officer but was finally handcuffed and taken outside.
Minutes later he started going blue in the face, was freed from the handcuffs  and rushed to Larnaca Hospital where despite doctors’ best efforts he died early on Wednesday morning. Urine samples tested positive for cocaine.
The woman who found to have sustained injuries after been assaulted by the man. She told police that he had beat her up as soon as he heard the arrival of the police.

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