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Update 2: Police charge 32 year old after hit and run in Xylophagou

A 32 year old man was charged with a hit and run accident in Xylophagou at around 1.5 am on Tuesday after he was tracked down by police.

The Cyprus News Agency said the man had admitted to police that he had hit a pedestrian who he said was ‘in the middle of the road” and abandoned the scene of the accident.

The victim, a 19 year old Indian national, is in serious condition in Nicosia Hospital.

Police who were called to the scene of the accident at around 2 am had been looking for the driver of the car and had appealed to the public to help.

He was tracked down at his house in Ormidhia on Tuesday morning and summoned to Xylophagou police station.

The Cyprus News Agency said that during questioning the 32 year old had admitted that his car hit someone and made some claims as to why he had left the scene of the accident. He underwent an alco-test with a negative reading.

In an announcement police said they were investigating the conditions under which a 19 year old had been seriously injured in a collision in the Larnaca district.

They said that at around 1.50 am the 19 year old was walking on Petros Loizou street in Xylophagou when, under conditions which are being investigated, he was hit by a car driven by a 32 year old and sustained head injuries. The 32 year old then abandoned the scene in his car.

Police went to the area, found the injured man who was initially taken by ambulance to Larnaca Hospital and from there, because of the seriousness of his injuries, to Nicosia Hospital.

Police added that they found the 32 year old driver in the morning at Famagusta district and called him to Xylophagou police station for questioning.

He was charged in writing for driving offences, including abandoning the scene of the accident without helping the 19 year old injured man and released.


Police investigations continue.

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