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Uni of Cyprus Vice-rector resigns amid investigations into financial misconduct

University of Cyprus Vice-rector Constantinos P Constantinou  is under investigation for financial misconduct by an independent internal auditor of the university. The findings of the investigation will be handed over to the Auditor-General, Odysseas Michaelides.

Constantinou resigned from his post as Vice Rector of International Affairs, Finance and Administration of the University after a formal request by the Rector. The Senate will elect a new vice-rector on September 12.

A letter signed by the Director of Financial Services of the University and addressed to the Board records the Vice-Rector’s alleged misconduct:

Constantinou allegedly participated in a research programme which was presented as a training programme: “Energy City: Fostering Scientific Curiosity through Strengthening Teachers’ and Students’ Understandings of Energy and Inquiry” of the University of Qatar. This programme was managed in co-operation with the Cyprus Teachers’ Information Technology  Group, of which he was the founder and an active member, and not with the University.

According to the Financial Director’s letter, there was also a large discrepancy regarding the budget of the programme, since Constantinou claimed that he would receive $40,657, while the published budget is $777,429. Due to the currency difference (dollars instead of euros) invoices were prepared independently from the university’s accounting system. None of the proceeds was deposited in a university account.

In addition, Constantinou was renting an apartment belonging to his wife and mother-in-law to the University of Cyprus as a laboratory. The lease lasted for eight years, until his election as Vice-Rector, it was terminated.

As both the Rector and Constantinou state in their formal letters, the complaints relate to activities prior to the term of Constantinou’s office as a Rector and therefore do not concern his activities in the leadership of the University of Cyprus.

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