NewsLocalUkrainian army receives Cypriot Poseidon H6 and H10 VTOL drones

Ukrainian army receives Cypriot Poseidon H6 and H10 VTOL drones

The Ukrainian army’s 26th Artillery Brigade and the 120th Reconnaissance Battalion took delivery of Poseidon H10 and larger Poseidon H6 UAVs manufactured by the Cypriot company Swarmly Ltd.

This is what Ukrainian sources reported on Wednesday on VK Russian social network, adding that the drones were purchased by the charitable foundation of Serhiy Prytula. The purchase price was €700,000.

H10 Poseidon VTOL UAS is a midrange electric UAS that provides portability and covert operations capabilities.

H10 can be transported in an SUV or a pickup truck and prepared for operations in less than 10 minutes.

It is designed as a monocoque high-wing airframe with an electric motor and pusher cruise propeller, and four permanently mounted VTOL electric motors and propellers.

This design has a significant advantage in flight safety, as VTOL propulsion is used not only for takeoff, landing, and hovering but also for in-flight emergency recovery in place of an emergency parachute.


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