NewsLocalTwo women arrested on suspicion of stealing

Two women arrested on suspicion of stealing

Two women aged 54 and 18 are under arrest in Larnaca on suspicion of stealing money and mobile telephones

Police said that a 78 year old Larnaca resident had reported the theft of her wallet from her bag at a supermarket.  Moreover, a 32 year old Larnaca resident said that her mobile phone had been stolen from her coat pocket also at a supermarket.

In both cases, police said they had obtained testimony of the alleged involvement of the two women.

The two women were seen walking near old Larnaca Hospital yesterday and were taken in for questioning. During a search of their home, police found the mobile phone of the 32 year old as well as a second mobile phone which had been reported as stolen on January 28.

The two women were arrested as police investigate.



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