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Two state solution in Cyprus would open Pandora’s box, President says, committing to BBF


He will be exerting every effort to achieve the resumption of settlement talks on the basis of a bizonal bicommunal federation, said President Anastasiades, in an interview with Greek newspaper ‘Ta Nea’, a couple of days before his departure for Geneva for the five party conference on the Cyprus issue.

He further noted that acceptance of a two state solution, such as Turkey continues to demand, will open the Pandora’s Box for secessionist movements both in Europe and beyond, such as Quebec, Scotland and Catalunya, adding that a possible deadlock in negotiations will affect both Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

‘Insisting on the current position as expressed by Mr.Tatar as well as Turkey definitely leads to deadlock and I am hoping that during the conference they will realise that such a position does not lead anywhere also given that the UN mandate is to work towards a bizonal bicommunal federation settlement’, President Anastasiades said.

Both Nicosia and Athens, he noted, are rejecting Turkish and Turkish Cypriot insistence on a two state solution.

‘I cannot predict what will happen at the conference’ the President stressed, ‘but our side will be attending in good will and aiming towards the resumption of dialogue’.

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