NewsLocalTurkish Cypriots assess damages after last week's floods (video)

Turkish Cypriots assess damages after last week’s floods (video)

Turkish Cypriot newspaper Kıbrıs Postası reported that the self-styled ministry of interior has published the first data regarding the damages caused by last week’s flood during which four persons died.

According to the statement, 57 persons had been offered a shelter and 16 persons received aid. Moreover, 12 houses/buildings, 93 roads and walls, the furniture of 90 houses and 143 vehicles were damaged.

Occupied Kyrenia was the area which suffered the biggest damages.

Meanwhile, Turkish Cypriot newspaper Halkın Sesi reports that self-styled prime minister Tufan Erhurman issued a written statement yesterday noting that if there were “illegal” practices in the areas which were affected by the floods, the persons responsible would be found and the necessary procedures would be launched.

He said that inspections had shown that in many spots especially in the river beds, the damages increased because the conditions “were not in harmony with the legislation and the scientific data.”

Finally, Afrika reports that the Turkish Cypriot building engineers’ chamber (IMO) issued a written statement on the disaster noting that it submitted reports regarding the road/traffic and floods to breakaway regime’s “officials”, but due to lack of the necessary political will, these reports and projects remained on the shelf.

The paper reports that the tender for building the road where the four people lost their lives last week had been built by a Turkish company.

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