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Turkish aircraft was taking photos of buffer zone

A Turkish aircraft moved on Thursday along the green line, and in the areas of Deneia and Geri within the buffer zone, causing upheaval, with Nicosia mobilizing diplomatically by making representations to the United Nations. The Turkish aircraft appeared to be taking photographs and recording data within the buffer zone.

After being thoroughly briefed on the incident, President Nicos Christodoulides said that this was an illegal activity on the part of the Turkish air force.

“Since this morning we have before us slowly-slowly all the data and the Foreign Ministry will take the actions it has taken in the past for similar incidents,” he said.

He noted that actions will also be taken toward the United Nations and the EU.

Asked if he was concerned by this activity, President Christodoulides said that “I am concerned every day about all the data. I am here to be concerned and to take action. And of course, it is something which, particularly at the present juncture, can in no way be described as something that leaves us indifferent. And that is why I said we will take concrete actions.”

Referring to the two incidents, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Constantinos Kombos revealed that the first incident was on Wednesday in the area of Geri and the second in Deneia.

According to the Foreign Minister (statements to Alpha TV channel), the two incidents were discussed on an extraordinary basis between him and the Chief of the National Guard during a scheduled meeting on Thursday at the Ministry of Defense.

Constantinos Kombos said that the United Nations Special Representative, Colin Stewart, had been summoned and a relevant demarche had been launched.

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