NewsLocalTotal of 17 foreigners died in road accidents in Cyprus in 2022

Total of 17 foreigners died in road accidents in Cyprus in 2022

A total of 17 foreigners lost their lives in road traffic accidents in Cyprus in 2022, according to latest data released by Traffic Police.

The data also shows that 38 deaths from road accidents on roads all across Cyprus were recorded last year, which means that almost half of the victims were foreigners.

And this indicates that either they had not adapted to the road network and driving style or something else happened that prompted their death.

Police also said that even though there was a reduction in drink-driving deaths in recent past years lives are still lost because people get behind the wheel drunk.

Specifically, 25 out of 71 deaths on the road were under the influence of alcohol back in 2011. In 2022, eight deaths out of the 38 were from drunk driving.

As far as foreigners are concerned, some of them lost their lives while on tourism in Cyprus, either because of carelessness or because they did not adapt to the way of driving.

Moreover, some were pedestrians who got hit by a passing driver. Among the 17 foreigners who died in road accidents some were residents – including a motorcycle driver delivering food.

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