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There will be covid cases at schools but an outbreak must be avoided, Dr. Pana says

There will be positive COVID-19 cases at schools, but we must aim at avoiding an outbreak through contamination points, said Zoe-Dorothea Pana, a Lecturer of Pediatrics at the European University of Cyprus and member of the Scientific Advisory Committee, after a teacher working in two schools was found to be positive.

Speaking to CNA, Dr. Pana said that that it is a blessing that children are not facing any serious complications from the virus.

We need to pay attention, so that schools don’t turn out to be contamination points, she went on, adding that everyone needs to contribute to this aim, in order to avoid an outbreak.

Commenting on the recent infection of an educator teaching in two schools, in the Nicosia and Famagusta areas, which led to the self-isolation of pupils and his colleagues, Dr. Pana said she’s not concerned and that “obviously there will be more cases”.

The important thing is to have mechanisms of timely detection and isolation in place, she went on.

There are protocols that people need to adhere to in order to decrease the possibility of transmitting the virus, Dr. Pana added.

Some children may not present any symptoms, therefore it is crucial to activate the mechanisms in place, she went on.

Speaking about particularities at schools, especially among pupils, Dr. Pana urged for a stricter adherence to protocols, which is the first step allowing the state to properly follow measures in order to keep the situation at bay.

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