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Suspect behind Ukrainian woman’s murder did not want to pay sex fee

Police believe the main suspect behind Sunday’s premeditated murder in Limassol of a 35-year-old Ukrainian woman did not want to pay the agreed €350 fee in exchange for sexual services.

That’s probably the motive behind her strangulation allegedly by 25-year-old Erkan Alkan, a Turkish national who is still wanted by police.

Insiders also told Philenews that police are still trying to locate the relatives of the victim whose name has yet to be released.

What investigators have in their hands is the testimony of the victim’s 30-year-old female friend, also Ukrainian, who is facing sex trafficking charges. She seems to be the one arranging the fatal appointment.

An insider told Philenews she was the one arranging the fatal three-hour appointment as requested by the suspect even though the victim’s such meetings lasted up to two hours the maximum.

The 25-year-old had gone to the victim’s apartment at around 20:00 late on Saturday ad after leaving he sent a message to the account handled by the 30-year-old detained woman informing her the amount of €350 was excessive.  And that he did not intend to pay it.

It appears that, after a few hours, the 25-year-old returned to the victim’s apartment where a heated argument is believed to have taken place.

The 25-year-old had taken with him a box of plastic cable cords with the intention of immobilizing the victim who seems to have struggled hard for her life.

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