NewsLocalSupreme Court decides extradition of Russian citizen to Russia

Supreme Court decides extradition of Russian citizen to Russia

The Supreme Court decided to reverse the first instance decision, ordering the extradition of a Russian citizen to the Russian Federation to be tried on serious crimes he allegedly carried out in his country.

According to the verdict, on 20 December 2018, the Defendant went to Larnaca Airport to leave for Dubai. There it was ascertained that there was a pending warrant against him by the Russian Authorities. He was arrested but the First Instance Court rejected the extradition because from there was no proof of the Defendant’s actions.

However, the Supreme Court decided that there was sufficient information for the actions on which his extradition was requested. The Supreme Court also rejected his position that he is persecuted for his political views and that his personal safety is in danger if he is extradited to Russia.

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