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State officials paid between €8,417 and €3,021

According to the data published on the website of the Treasury of the Republic some state officials are paid more than €8,000 per month. The highest paid receive (gross monthly salary, after income tax) €8,417, while the lowest paid receive €3,021 per month.

80% of the officials receive over €4,000 per month and of the 45 categories of state officials, the 36 are paid with amounts exceeding this sum. The earnings of some officials include allowances. The presidents of the Public Service and Education Commissions receive more money than the ministers or the Tax Officer, who is paid less money than the directors-general.

The highest annual gross salary is received by the President of the Republic amounting to €163,600 with allowances. The most senior public officials, the Supreme Court president, the Supreme Court judges, the Attorney General and the Assistant Attorney General have an annual gross salary (of 13 months) that amounts to €155,000. The next highest gross annual salary is paid to the Chairman of the Public Service Committee, which amounts to €131,200, followed by the President of the House of Representatives with €130,000.

The highest net monthly salary is received by the Attorney General, the Supreme Court President, the Supreme Court Judge (€8,417). It is worth mentioning that the President of the Republic receives a net of €6,962 monthly. The president of a District Court received a net of  €6,840 monthly and the President of the House €5,739. However, after the cuts and income tax, the President of the Republic earns €89,297, less than the General and Assistant Attorney, the President of the Supreme Court and  a judge on the Supreme Court, whose net annual earnings are €108,264.

The Chief Registrars, the permanent secretaries  of Ministries, the director of the House, the Ombudsman, the Auditor-General, the Accountant General, the Chief of Police and the Commander of KYP receive €5,608 monthly. The chairman of the Public Service Commission receives €5,594 per month, while the chair of the Educational Service Committee receives €5,367.

The Tax Commissioner receives €5,193 a month, just above the Director of the Office of the President of the Republic, who is paid €5,043 a month. Ministers, Deputy Ministers and the Government Spokesman receive €4,739 per month, while MPs receive €4,053 per month.

The highest paid commissioner is the Commissioner for Administration with €5,608, while the Commissioner for Legislation earns €4,739 per month. The Commissioner to the Presidency, the Commissioner for the Environment and the Commissioner for Equality earn €4,227. Some of the “poorer” government officials, on the basis of net monthly earnings after income tax, are: the Chairman of the Tender Review Authority (€3,766), members of the Tenders Appeals Authority (€3,114) the Chairman of the Tenders Appeal Authority  (€3,720), members of the Committee of Missing Persons (€3,194), president of the Tax Tribunal (€3,485) and members of the Tax Tribunal (€3,114), the Commissioner on State Aid (€3,564) and a member of the Commission for the Protection of Competition  (€3,027).

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