NewsLocalSeven people in Larnaca insist they have been vaccinated

Seven people in Larnaca insist they have been vaccinated

The Police investigations into the accusations about phony vaccinations of citizens by a doctor in Larnaca are at the final stage and soon the file will be given to the Legal Service.

Recently the policemen of the Larnaca CID had asked seven citizens to testify. These seven had been recorded by the doctor as having been vaccinated but following specialized tests at the Institute of Neurology and Genetics it was ascertained that they had low antibodies. The seven insist that they have been vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine supporting the doctor’s position.

The policemen are expected to once again call in the 53-year-old doctor who will be asked to provide explanations regarding the fact that two of his patients who appeared as having been vaccinated got infected by Covid-19 and either they or their relatives said that they had not been vaccinated. These two patients have finally died due to Covid-19. He will also be asked about the seven citizens who although appear to have been vaccinated have low antibodies. After the doctor’s testimony the filed will be passed on to the Legal Service.

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